Is Virtual Online Data  public or private Company? 
If private do they plan to go public?
Virtual Online Data is currently a privately held organization.
They do not have plans to go public at this time.

Where are they located?
 22503 Grand River  suite #19564 / Old Redford MiI 48219   However any questions you have can be answered by your manager or referrer Company

What countries is this program available for?
All Countries and applicants who speak English.

What is Internet Typist Data Processor "secure address compiling"?
You will provide your service to the company to help secure their mailing lists,  you will have to get the names on your own that is the service you provide to the company in which you will be paid for each name you provide. You are paid on commission only.  This is not MLM.  The more you compile & secure through your applicants the more income you will earn.  Your lists must be typed before returned to your manager.  They will not accept handwritten lists at any time that is why your are a Typist Data Processor.  When you return handwritten lists your manager has to do your work by typing the lists before they can be submitted to the home office.

What exactly will I have to do?
 As a Typist Data Processor, you will be responsible for generating lists of names and addresses and sending them to us as often as you can for immediate payment, as per our simple no-cost advertising instructions. You will secure mailing lists by typing  names and addresses on paper, with the full name, address, city.  

Where will I get the names for my lists ?
Once you have Signed up  you will receive access to the members area where information & tools & resources will be listed there, so that you may begin working.  However as stated before you will not have to sell, call or solicit anyone illegally.

Do we have to pay a third party to to procure the "compiled lists"?
No. The members area include all FREE resources for you to secure your lists. But you will need to type these lists no handwritten lists will be accepted.

Why must I pay a Start Up Fee, Is it required? 
We receive hundreds of inquiries in regards to working from "Computer & Internet", and it is impossible for our customer support department to  manage and assist each interested party without the certainty that they will become an active, productive independent business home-worker. We have had many of our support workers spend days training and setting up new business owners who in turn did not work.  The fee also pays the comission of your referrer. [please be advised there are no refunds after sign-up].

How do I become a Manager Referrer?
After you have submited 250 applicants you will be able to become a manager referrer   handling your own group & pay outs [remember this is your own business ].  The quota is not hard to reach depending on how much you work you could easily reach that in 30-days or less.

Will I need to fill out a W9 form? No
When your profits reach $3,000 you will have to provide your social security no#. For 1099 tax purposes.
$25 -$175/hr/hr Work from Home Apply right away. Start today. No Exp F/T or P/T 
Customer Service
Find the right  JOB in your state.
$1,200/paid  Drive Moble Ads on your car or Ours.
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